allow me to introduce myself…

by s00paw0man

so, it begins.

for a long time, i’ve always felt like i wanted to write, but it had to be something of my own. whether it be my experiences, or things going around me or even a rant here and there. you know? the usual blog stuff.

this will now be my not so private diary for the world to see.

i come from a place they call steel city and i’m entering my last year before becoming a quarter of a century old. i have a few close friends and a boyfriend i adore. you’ll have the pleasure of hearing about all of it. and of course, you’ll get the random posts of things i find amusing, funny, or irritating.

my name is stella, & this is my life.

by the way, please ignore my improper use of commas and disregard for capitals. ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’