Woah there, Nellie!

by s00paw0man

I think I just experienced the biggest ‘flashback Friday’. I honestly thought this blog had disappeared for good because it’s clearly been ages since I last wrote in it or even stepped foot on it.

My, my, my…how the times have changed. In case anyone is wondering – which I’m sure no one is because I literally have a following of minus two people (I’m sure that’s possible) – I am no longer with the crazy boyfriend who used to tear me down just to bring himself up. Long story short, I think at the end he just wasn’t whole-heartedly in the relationship. Just when you think it couldn’t have gotten worse, it got worse. The lies were never stopping, promises were always broken and I, thankfully, reached my boiling point that I had mentioned once so long ago. I called it quits and ran for the hills. & that was the end of that (this happened just over four years ago p.s.)

What has happened since then you ask? Well, let me tell you.

I’m now teeter tottering my way into my 28th year of existence. I am in a loving relationship with my newly fiancé for almost three years now and I’m currently in school so that I can hopefully have a better career to support all the bills that are yet to come.

But back to the fiancé…

Can you believe it? Engaged. I made it. I found the light at the end of the tunnel and I got through with someone I can actually call my best friend because he treats me like one. It’s crazy how love can blind you so much, how things that aren’t considered normal or healthy in a relationship, you make yourself believe otherwise. At least I can say I am no longer that foolish and I don’t stand for any type of crap. I’m stronger, I’m wiser, a little fatter, but I’m happy. I’m with someone who respects me, who does anything to make me happy, who supports me and just cares about me. He never ignores me, he never tries to bring me down, and he always keeps his promises. 

& now we are on our way to planning our big fat wedding – coming to a theatre near you May 2018. So, let’s just say that things are good. I can’t promise I’ll be keeping up to date with this – I have been wanting to start vlogging for a while now, but I’m the worst for keeping up with anything. Magically I was able to track down the right login and password (from the millions we all have) and I just wanted to leave a post behind for any wandering soul who may accidentally stumble on my page. I wanted them to know that love is out there, you just have to be patient and don’t settle for anything less you deserve.

Anyways, it’s been a slice…for now…maybe. 

P. S. Look at me trying to use capital letters and commas like I know what I’m doing =)